We are hiring for the 2019 growing season. Duration of job is flexible in terms of start date: Ideally before May. We would like a commitment through October at least with more work available if you would like.


Varies during the season and depends on your experience and also what you want to learn. Full time positions are doing a lot of the same stuff that the owners are doing. Early is greenhouse work with transplant production and in ground covered vegetable production, followed by field transplanting and then seeding/weeding/irrigating. Harvesting is a large part of any vegetable farm job. Starting in May we harvest twice a week until November. If you have more interests in plant production or indoor vegetable production, we can steer your work that direction. If you have more interest in field vegetable production, we can have you in the field more.


Twin Organics is looking for individuals who are self-motivated, in good physical shape with the ability to learn quickly and work at a very fast, efficient pace. Previous farm experience is a great benefit but not required. We work in all weather but take plenty of breaks. The farm has an employee break room, kitchen and shower.


We would ideally like to pay somewhere between $15-$20/hr. This is a great job for someone that has some experience on vegetable farms but wants to learn more/have more responsibility. This position has a lot of potential to start earlier and work longer in to the year if that interests you. If you have never worked on a farm before this is probably not the position for you, but feel free to apply and tell us why you want the job.


If interested in employment and mentorship, please submit a letter of interest and resume including the following:

  • Past work experience

  • Explain your qualifications for this job

  • Explain your interest in the farm/farming in general

  • 3 work references would be nice

Or if you think you are super qualified skip those parts and just give us a call or email:

Andrew at 6056950223. twinorganicsmn@gmail.com